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How to Make a Square Frame Awning with Tie Down Bar

http://www.sailrite.com/How-to-Make-a-Square-Frame-Awning-with-Tie-Down-Bar-Video This square frame awning uses a sleeve at the head of the canopy where a 1/2" EMT pipe is inserted and a Rod and Rafter Holder is used to secure that head rod or pipe in place to the home or building. This square frame awning is built using galvanized pipe and awning hardware from Sailrite. It also makes use of a front tie down bar system where the awning canopy can be tightened to the frame via a strip of fabric with grommets. This fabric strip with grommets is then laced around the tie down bar to draw the canopy over the frame tightly.

This video will guide you in the steps needed to build the frame and awning canopy cover with scalloped edge. Watch this video and build one yourself using the hardware and supplies from Sailrite. Visit Sailrite http://www.sailrite.com/


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