Know the recommended tourist destinations in Mecca

Religious travel in Saudi Arabia is definitely incomplete if you haven’t come to the Quba Mosque. The Prophet Muhammad himself built this mosque for the first time in 622 AD in Quba or in the 1st year of the Hijrah. When from the city of Medina, the mosque is located approximately 5 kilometers to the southeast. It is stated in the Muslim holy book that the construction of this mosque is based on piety. On the other hand, check out the easy arabic learning course center as well.

The simple shape of the building does not reduce its appeal. There is a foyer to the north of this mosque that has a pillar of dates and the space is used for the prayer location. The roof of this mosque is also made of palm leaves and midrib mixed with clay. For those who pray here, prayer water can be taken from a special well for ablution in the middle of the open model space; we can also call it sahn.

Jawatha Mosque

Another mosque that will complement the perfection of your tour is the Jawatha Mosque which was first built in 629 AD and if from Hofuf, Al-Ahsa, this mosque is located in the northeast about 12 kilometers. Visit Al-Kilabiyah village to find a mosque whose original building structure has collapsed.

Not only the ruins can be seen and become the only sight, but this place is still worthy of being a place of prayer, so try to pray in this mosque. Indeed, the original structure had been largely destroyed and even lost, and the ruins that were seen were likely around the 9th century.

Jannat al-Baqi

Religious tourism and history will be more extraordinary when you visit Jannat al-Baqi or also known as Tree Garden of Heaven. In Saudi Arabia, this is a sacred location for Muslims because it is a burial ground with great history.

The contents of this place are remnants of the family, relatives and friends of the Prophet Muhammad, even including his grandfather and mother-in-law. So for those who have the opportunity to visit, may also make a pilgrimage in this place and can find out where the various remnants of the family, as well as friends of the Prophet Muhammad.