Magic Is Still There!

The burning of women accused of doing magic has been so alarming in Papua New Guinea that the government issued a law banning vigilante against suspected black magicians, according to the ABC News website. As reported by Vice News, some women were forced to leave their homes for fear of being arrested and punished for actions they did not commit. The four women in Enga province left their village after witch hunters accused them of causing a measles outbreak, which killed several villagers. In 2013, a woman was burned alive and others were beheaded in public because they were said to practice magic. In this country not only women are accused of being witches. A man in Uganda is believed to practice black magic. His sentence was quite sadistic, he was immediately tied up and beheaded. There are several cases more or less the same as before, all because the population believed that some of them were practicing black magic. The symptoms are very similar to those who suffer from mental disorders, but they are not detected by doctors even through the most sophisticated tools and this challenges us and our experts to remove black magic that can be about you.

Colombia is not only known as the center of the biggest narcotics trade in the world, but it also has problems related to death due to magic. As reported by Fox News in 2012, a woman was killed and her body burned for allegedly practicing sorcery. He was reported to have made several sick young men and three women even accused him of appearing in their dreams, which for them as part of a form of magic. The woman also requested protection from the authorities but was ignored. He finally lost his life shortly after failing to ask for protection. According to a 2010 Guardian article, there is a new increase in law because of magic in the country of Ghana, where magic is part of the country’s mythology. A 72-year-old woman was burned alive by six people who accused her of being a witch. They called the woman claiming to come down from the sky and fall under a tree. According to the perpetrator, the woman said she had run out of gas. Medical experts stated that the old woman might only suffer from dementia and her strange behavior was misinterpreted as a witch’s behavior.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking aspect of the loss of life due to magic is the fact that many of the victims are children. In the 2013 International Business Times report, around 50,000 children were accused of being involved in magic in the Congo. Many of them experienced abuse in the hands of their kidnappers. And what makes these people indicate that children are suspected of being possessed by demons? Because children are disabled, bedwetting at night, and having nightmares!