Listen and Understand Addicts to Help Them

Listened to and understood are the main components of personal growth. The emotional experience experienced by drug addicts forces them to grow and it may cause pain. You can help reduce the pain experienced by continuing to listen to it. That is one way to help drug addicts recover. You can also invite them to join the addiction treatment center.


Put yourself in that person’s position. Learn to show compassion and accept his condition, not judge him. This stage may be difficult, but you can continue to try. Treat the person as you would like to be treated by others. You may have experienced problems in life so you know which ones can help, and which ones don’t.

Convey your concern. It is very painful to watch someone suffer or when he makes a wrong choice that has a negative impact on his life. There are times when you have to tell him that you care about his health and happiness. He may want to listen to what you say or not. It won’t be a problem because you really sincerely help and have shown him that you care about his condition.

Ask permission to be involved in the recovery process. If someone experiences extreme pain caused by his dependence, he may not realize that he needs help. However, if you offer help, he may receive it. You might be able to say a sentence like this: “It looks like you are having difficulty dealing with drugs. I will help if you need help. Don’t you mind me helping?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that are difficult to answer. It is very difficult to ask questions about difficult topics that can threaten relationships. You must ask straightforward honest questions such as: “Are you addicted to this drug?” and “This is difficult to discuss, but I have to know, are you willing to damage your health and relationships with other people because of drug dependence?”