Recognize the Short and Length-term Impacts of the Lead Content in Paint

As an ingredient that is always present in every home, there are many people who are not aware that they use dangerous paint in their homes. Maybe the paint is on furniture or in the wood part of their house. If this happens, then all you have to do is use the services of lead paint stripping brisbane to remove the paint in your house.

The oil-based paint itself is one type of paint that uses organic solvents such as thinner and spirits.
The function of lead in oil-based paint is generally as a dye. Unfortunately, this function is not comparable to the effects caused. Lead is easily bound to red blood cells and will be carried and stored in various organs, such as bones and liver. This will cause the organs of the body to experience interference.
You also have to know the bad effects of using lead paint for long and short health.

1. Short term
– Short-term effects of lead hazards on health are:
– Unusual fatigue
– irritation
– lose passion and enthusiasm
– Discomfort in the stomach
– Difficult to focus
– Insomnia

2. Short-term effects due to lead poisoning above if not handled properly can have more severe consequences. In adults, symptoms will appear such as difficulty regulating muscle movements, nerve damage, and weakening of sensory abilities. While the danger of lead for health in children for long-term exposure is:
– Anemia
– Hyperactive
– Development and growth that is not optimal
– Weakening the function of various senses, especially the sense of hearing
– Liver and kidney damage
– Damage to nerves, including the central nerve (brain)
– If the papaya is very large and the child’s condition is not so good, the fatal effect of death can occur

Of all the effects that can occur, it’s a good idea to start choosing which paints are of high quality and which do not endanger the health and which have dangerous ingredients.