These are the three types of incense that have been used a lot

Incense is indeed a part of worship activities carried out in various countries and several religions. The scent released from incense can indeed provide some peace to the people who use it. The aroma of incense is made of various materials such as flowers and various other plants so that it can cause aromas that make a person calm. You can get the incense you need at


As it is known that scents can affect one’s brain, it is no wonder that incense is one of the things that is sought to get a soothing aroma. For a long time, there were several types of incense that were known to many people and were used by them. Some types of incense in question are

– Incense Stick
This is one of the most commonly used types of incense. This type of incense consists of two types, dry and wet incense. Wet incense tends to be more “oily” and the aroma is stronger and “sweet”. When burned the fragrance is more fragrant and stronger when compared to dry incense with a softer aroma. On the other hand, dried incense is more durable if burned because of its diverse size. The dried incense itself is divided into two types: spray incense and dipped incense. The incense is dyed, of course, the aroma is more fragrant than the spray incense and the price is relatively higher. The dried incense is usually red, black, brown/natural, or gold depending on needs.

– Japanese Incense Stick
Most incense without biting is a type of premium incense that has soft flavor. It is suitable for aromatherapy and meditation.

– Incense Cones
These types of incense prices tend to be cheaper when compared to other types of incense. The simple manufacturing process allows this type of incense to be easily made at home. This type of incense tends not to break easily, but because of its small shape, cone incense is less durable if burned.