Plasmacluster Technology on AC

The word “Plasmacluster” may not be a foreign term in our ears. Sharp is one of the giant electronics companies that first introduced Plasmacluster, which is the latest technology for the use of air conditioners or air conditioners. On the other hand, perhaps you need to check out a reliable heating and cooling systems service in Singapore, so you will know the right company to call whenever you need professionals to repair your AC.

Besides AC Sharp, there are also several other AC brands that also use the same concept with Plasmacluster technology, including:

Panasonic – Nanoe G. Technology
Samsung – Doctor Virus.
LG – Ionizer.
Daikin – Titanium.

What is Plasmacluster Technology?

Plasmacluster technology is also called Negative Ion technology with product output in the form of Plasmacluster AC or Negative Ion AC.

This technology is an original breakthrough in the form of sanitation technology that clears or cleanses the inhaled air by removing positive and negative ions. The way AC Plasmacluster works is to deactivate negative air content such as fungi, viruses, dust allergens, and bacteria.

Not only that, Plasmacluster technology can get rid of unpleasant smells in the air including pet odors, kitchen odors, garbage, and cigarette smoke.

How Does Plasmacluster AC Work?

How it works AC Plasmacluster Sharp works with 3 stages, namely:

1. Ion Emissions

The first step is to remove the plasma which will create and release negative ions into the free air.

2. Effects on fungi and viruses

When these ions come into contact with the surface of fungi, bacteria, or viruses, the ions will change to OH radicals which have a high oxidation function. OH radicals will decompose the Hydrogen (H) component of the negative substances to be neutralized.

3. Changes in the final shape of the ion

After working, the ions will change to H2O (water) which is then released into the free air in the form of clean air.