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Creating a warm and cosy environment with window awnings

Creating a warm and cosy environment with window awnings

While renovating a house, the design for the exterior area or the garden is usually the last, but not the least, decision to take. In fact, the project often does not match harmoniously with the interior of the building. table { font-size: 10pt;}The project for the design of your garden, the purpose of open air spacesand the style for interior/exterior

curtains and awningsare very important choices: fabrics are an

essential detail which,together with furniture pieces and complements,

defines the atmosphere of an house. Curtains make the atmospherewarmer

and cosier, as they provide a feeling of privacy and intimacy. The range of models can vary sensibly, according tothe owner's personal desire

and need: short or long, draped or straight, opaque or

transparent,plain colour orwith patterns. The choice is wide enough to satisfy everyone's taste.Once you chose the curtains

for the interiors of your home, you will be able to think about

sunshades: in this case as well, of course, the choice will be

determined by the style of the house. The choice will be done among

various kinds of sunshades, among which you will find the residential,

commercial, retractable and dcor ones, the latter being the most

suitable to shade wide spaces, and many more; a great choice that can

suit any terrace, garden or external space you wish to shade.The choice of the external

sunshades depends, of course, on the kind of design you chose for your

garden, just like the choice of the curtains depends on the interior

design of your home. For example, in case you have a pergola, the best

sunshades are the dcor type, because they allow you to cover the

horizontal upper side and, if you wish, the vertical one as well: when

you need it, you can make the sunshade go down to shelter from the sun,

to have lunch in the under the pergola or simply to relax there.

Obviously, the choice of the pergola as well will weigh on the style of

the garden: youll be able to choose among a wide range of different

pergolas, among wooden classical ones, modern ones in steel, technical,

simple, decorated...a variety thought for all tastes, that the various

producers offer to satisfy everyones needs at the best.Once you chose the curtains

for the interiors and the pergola with its sunshades for the exterior

or, if you havent got space enough for a pergola, some sunshades to be

applied on the external part of the windows and external doors of the

house, you will be free to live your home just like you wish: with the

right privacy and intimacy for you, and the right warmth and light.

After all, this is what you need to feel at your ease at home, and to

make your guests feel that they entered in a cosy place, that makes them feel at their ease.

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