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Awnings For Your HomeHow to Choose Residential Awnings

Awnings For Your Home-How to Choose Residential Awnings

An awning can provide a beautiful, functional and cost effective feature for your home. There is an enormous range available so how do you choose which is right for you? An awning or canopy can provide great value and a beautiful feature on your home. But there is such a wide range of awnings available that it can be difficult to choose which is best for you. The ability of an awning to provide you with shelter from the elements including sun and rain is one aspect of their functionality; but such is the wide range available that you can also choose a larger awning for your home which can afford you some significant extra space, on your patio area for example.Simpler and cheaper awnings would include window, door and porch awnings which you can choose to put over a particular window or door in order to provide some welcome relief from the hot mid day sun and reduce your air conditioning costs.Motorized or Non Motorized AwningYou can choose between a motorized awning or non motorized and which is manually operated and some people are prepared to pay the extra for the convenience of the motorized version seeing it as a worthwhile investment and enhancer of value for your property.Freestanding or Attached AwningYou also will have a choice between an awning that is attached to your property or one that is free standing and which you can move around your property, for example to your patio or swimming pool area, when the occasion demands it. The free standing version will also give you a choice of where you want to have your barbeque when the neighbours call.Awning fabric and colorsYou will also have the opportunity to personalize your awning with your choice of fabric and colors and your choice will include canvas and acrylic fabrics with various degrees of water repellent qualities. The ability of your awning to stand up to uv rays is also a consideration that you will have to give some thought to and the ease with which your awning will repel and resist mildew together with its fade resistance and flame resistance need consideration.

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