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54.Benefits of Retractable Porch Awnings

Benefits of Retractable Porch Awnings

This article discusses the many benefits that a retractable porch awning will provide you with, allowing you to spend more comfortable time outdoors. Many people are beginning to purchase porch awnings for their homes after realizing all of the benefits they bring you. Porch awnings are great, but what is even better is a retractable porch awning, because it gives you the extra benefit of using it when you want to and folding it up when you want to bask in the sunshine. It is the best of both worlds that will leave you spending quite a bit more time on your porch than before. Here are the main reasons to install a retractable awning today.Energy Efficiency - Awnings are able to block nearly all of the heat entering adjacent windows, leaving your home cooler and saving on your air conditioning bill.Comfort - An awning can reduce temperatures underneath your porch by up to 20 degrees on a sunny day. If you want to bask in the sun, you can simply fold up the awning without moving from your porch.Enjoying the outdoors - It is much more fun to enjoy the outdoors or entertain friends in comfort. Even if the weather is bad, your outdoor experience will not be ruined because you have a layer of protection. If it is perfect outside, you can retract your awning so everyone can feel the radiance the sun provides.Rain protection - I'm sure you can remember the most recent time the rain got in between you and your outdoor activities. With a retractable awning, this will never happen again because you will be able to stay dry while enjoying a nice breeze from the rain.Beauty - Today's awnings are built from beautiful fabrics that are available in many designs and colors. You can easily coordinate your awning with the rest of your porch or the color of your home, adding value to your home as well as a nice complement to it. People wouldn't buy awnings if they were eyesores, and that will not be the case for you.Nighttime - Since your awning is retractable, you can stay on your porch at night and watch the stars. Your permanent awning would not allow you to do this because the stars wouldn't be visible. This is my favorite feature of the retractable awning - you can enjoy the sky when it is nice out.Once you buy a retractable awning, you will have all of these benefits that will enhance your outdoor experience.

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