Choosing The Type Of Condo Unit: Will You Choose Loft Type?

If you are going to buy the Antares condo , then you can consider the loft type of condo unit. Loft type condo at a glance looks like an attic. This condo has a high ceiling because there are additional spaces such as the mezzanine area. This half-floor area is called the loft and tends to be used as a bedroom.

Between the ceiling and the floor is then made a floor again, usually without a partition. This floor is called the loft. In condos, this loft is usually used for bedrooms. So, will that unit type become your choice? First off, you need to consider a few things related to the Antares condo.

Technically, a loft is defined as the top floor in a building directly under the roof. As for the condo, a loft is an open floor that is used as a place to live. Initially, the Loft unit type was applied to industry, commercial or building. Because this condo unit resembles an attic, this makes this type seem more spacious. Actually, this room consists of one floor. Ask whether or not the Antares condo provides such this unit type.

The loft type unit has a high ceiling, so that makes the Loft type condo has several advantages. One of them is the impression of a spacious and spacious room that we will find in this type. This condo unit has a ceiling that is about 4 – 7 meters high, making this type make a small room feel more spacious and spacious. You have the freedom to be creative to beautify the room of your the Antares condo unit.

Other advantages are usually the Loft type will install a wider window because this type has a high ceiling model. With the help of the window, it will help to light during the day enter naturally into the room. This also makes free air circulation into the room, so that this type is free of stuffiness and feels fresher.