Rope skipping is a nice way to get sexy legs

The American singer, Carrie Underwood, who is known for having sexy tight legs, says jumping rope is often included in the menu of her sports movements. According to Carrie Underwood, personal trainer Eve Overland, the 2005 American Idol winner was so fond of jumping rope to make her legs tight. Because of Carrie’s love with a jump rope, she entered jump rope as active recovery. Apart from that, you can go to and find an excellent buyer’s guide to buy jump ropes.


Active recovery is a recovery session that keeps the body active during exercise. For example, after dozens of times doing squats, Carrie jumped rope as active recovery. Then he just did another movement like a mountain climber.

“Simply put, this active recovery is a recovery but by continuing to move. And, with the jump rope movement, the body continues to burn calories,” Eve said.

Following is a series of movements that Carrie Underwood has to have beautiful legs:

100 times jump rope

40 times squats

75 times jump rope

30 times mountain climber

50 times jump rope

20 sit-ups

25 jump ropes

10 times pull-ups

10 times double under

5 push-ups

Benefits of jumping rope

Rope jumping is a fun way to train the lower body including the legs. In addition, this movement also exercises the abdominal muscles to be stable, as well as the shoulders and hands.

For those who do not like running, jumping rope is the right alternative. The British Ripe Skipping Association said 10 minutes of jumping rope had the same health benefits as 45 minutes of running.

At the beginning of the jump rope exercise can cause pain because the muscles work harder. However, after a few days, the condition improves and will be stronger and does not cause more pain.

In addition to making the legs tighter, the jump rope routine helps increase bone density. In addition, jump rope is also beneficial for heart health and blood pressure.

Unconventional watch maintaining tips you may need to know

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Leather Straps

To keep leather straps in good condition, avoid soaking in water. If the leather straps get wet, clean them immediately with a dry cloth and do not use a hairdryer.


Automatic watches require a little more maintenance than the battery-powered quartz movement. One thing, this automatic watch is supported by arm kinetic movements. This will require readjustment if not worn for several days. Watches with automatic machines also have benefits. From the movement that continues to spin, calibrated and prevents the lubricant from the watch from thickening.